Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the area utilized for Cricut Design Space? 

The design area of Cricut is an application for creating creative layouts of art and text that can subsequently be cut, drawn, and embossed by the Cricut machine. You may use pictures or upload pictures in the design library. 

Q. What is the cost of Cricut Design Space? 

The Cricut Design Space is accessible to use, but extra premium “Cricut Access” plans enable additional advantages. 

Q. How does Cricut Access vary from design space? 

Design Space is the program title, Cricut Access is the identifier of the Design Space membership you are registering to utilize.

Q. Are there any essential measures for creation and scrapping?? Can I use it for something else? 

No, it isn’t! By producing vinyl labels for plastic storage bins and even labels for fabric storage bags, you may utilize the crucible for household organization. To build your own personalized T-Shirts you may utilize the same technique from the storage containers. In addition, from Kraft Board to Bass Wood, 3D creations may be created from a few different materials. 

Q. Can I use the Cricut Design Space if I’m not creative? 

How do you evaluate your workmanship on a 1-10 scale? Design Space is going to work everywhere you go! The Design Space repository may reproduce any of the more than 75,000 ideas, and wow your family away, without designing stuff for yourself. If you obtain a subscription in Cricut Access, you may buy them separately or you are included in these projects. Once you locate a project that you enjoy, you may make or alter it to your specific taste by utilizing the same materials presented.

Q. Can I use Cricut Design Space with my own fonts? 

Yes! You can make sure to purchase cartridges with typefaces and graphics on one of the first Cricut machines. 

If you require Cricut fonts, you do not have to use them, but they are easy to acquire. Without extra price, you may use your own Design Space pictures and fonts! 

You may choose “System” to view only the fonts downloaded and installed when you pick a font. There seems to be a filtration option that works great for writing or cutting if you require a font that you recognize.

Click on the download icon at the left bottom choices menu to submit your own photos for a task.