How to Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl Using Cricut Design Space?

This article will teach you how to use a Cricut Maker and Cricut Design Space to cut heat transfer vinyl, and available internet designer with all of the latest Trimmers (Cricut Explore Air, Explore One, Explore Air 2, and Cricut Maker).

Although the procedures are essentially identical, no issue which Cricut machine that you use, we will surely show areas that someone who does not have a Cricut Maker sees anything distinct.


  1. Heat transfer vinyl
  2. A blank shirt, onesie, tote bag, etc.


  1. A Cricut machine 
  2. StandardGrip mat
  3. weeding tool
  4. Cricut EasyPress 2 (or a household iron)
  5. EasyPress mat (or a towel)

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  1. Build a completely new design, opening Cricut Design Space. Any picture or layout you desire can be used. You can choose a layout with just one color for convenience purposes. There’s no issue when your model includes several colors! Later, we’ll discuss that. 
  2. When your own picture or SVG file is submitted, there are several easy methods to manage levels, colors, and sets so that the picture can be prepared to be sliced. You may check if your picture is prepared to be sliced by tapping in the upper right side of the Blue Cut it icon to examine the cuts.
  3. Design Space positions images and words dynamically on the cutting surface for using the stuff you slice most efficiently. However, it may not be that you just want it to exist if the orientation is important (such as characters that make a phrase). You have to select the Withdrawal grey Button even before the layout is sent to the Cricut to be sliced if your picture or text seems out of orientation on the right panel. 
  4. After you are prepared for your layout, in the top right-hand corner, click on the Green Create It icon.
  5. On the Prepare page, please check the Mirror box below the picture to the right for all the placemats; you ALWAYS must reflect your patterns when slicing the heat transfer vinyl! You have to press the green button to Proceed. 
  6. You will not see this “Set Material” box when you’re using the Explore machine. Simply place the programmable dial “Iron-On” on the base of the device. 
  7. The knives and the pad have to be loaded into the device next. Put the emerald StandardGrip mat with your vinyl heat transfer glossy down flat. Pull out the vinyl carefully to ensure it sticks all over the surface and has no creases.
  8. Load the Clamp B finishing bladder; when slicing heat transfer vinyl, there is no requirement of any instrument or equipment in Clamp A. Then put the pad into the device and then click the Load/unload key. Put the pad at the front of the guidelines. 
  9. When you select your mats and blades, hit the button Go to begin cutting on your computer! 
  10. When the cut is finished, use the Load/Unload key to discharge the pad. Turn on the pad and carefully take the mat aside and keep the vinyl flat on the tabletop to prevent curving.

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