How to Set Canvas Size in Cricut Design Space App?

Learn more about setting up the canvas size in Cricut Design Space as well as how to adjust the paper thickness. These easy guidelines guarantee that your ideas match the fabric you cut. The palette in Cricut Design Space can’t be defined in any manner. There will still be numerous straightforward techniques to ensure the proper size for your layout.

The length of the lens for the design domain is depending on the width of your frame on your desktop when you launch Cricut Design Space. You may create the entire display or just pull the screen’s edges to enlarge it.


Be careful of the matrix dimensions on the display while scaling your drawings. On the upper and the left hemisphere of the linen region, there are compasses. Help ensure you remain in the dimensions of the fabric you use. 

Up to 12′′ broad fabrics are cut on Cricut machines. As the majority of vinyl is available in 12′′ lengths, make absolutely sure the vinyl design doesn’t exceed 12′′.


You may even start drawing as big as you need if it helps. As shown in the accompanying photograph, rectangles are in tab forms. This is the template for this rectangle. In the size box on the center of the display, you may enter the size you require. 

Click on a padlock if you require a rectangle rather than a square. The dimensions of the layouts are kept right by this function, however, a rectangle must be opened. 

Make sure you return the item by selecting the image center and choosing “send back.” Ensure while going to cut the pattern, you don’t choose it.

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To resize the matrix bigger or smaller, use a 2-finger squeeze movement. The grid may also be disabled at the side of the display under options. To delete the grid, just switch the pushbutton off. Setting the size of the material ensures that your pattern fits during slicing. 

Once you click on “Make it,” you may alter the size of the material on the following screen. It’s fixed to 12′′ x 12′′ by design. Many additional size choices are available.


“Image is too big” Error

You can’t cut your pattern when you get a red circle caution indication on your design. The program warns you that the design you have picked is excessively huge. What if your layout is right yet the alert is still there? 

Usually, if your own drawings are uploaded, this happens. Occasionally, the designs are printed and then cut. 

It’s an easy correction. Simply modify the layout to the base with the settings set to basic.


Ensure the overall design seems to be of the same color if it goes in with the pad and the fabric settings. Occasionally although everything seems black, there’s a little new hue and the program puts it on another mat. Unbundle the design and adjust the color until the color is the same.

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